I Have A Problem Where The Buffer Is Not Available In Windows XP

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    Hope this user guide will help you if you don’t see available buffer in Windows XP.

    This can happen with just about any slicer software that doesn’t properly store service buffers without freeing them. This mostly happened to me on Win7 64-bit. Chrome and Firefox stopped connecting to websites, Windows Web file shares stopped working, and WinSCP and PuTTY returned errors containing the phrases No Buffer Space Available. Oddly enough, Ubuntu 10, running on VirtualBox, didn’t seem to have any problems establishing new multicast connections – perhaps it keeps a lot of network buffers in reserve.

    Finding out which software is causing the Internet connection buffer leak requires careful programming until the problem occurs. So I started closing the tools and trying the WinSCP connection after every closed program, you can see the error still persists. After ending each visible program, I became available in the Windows Task Manager with Ctrl-Shift-Esc and cycled through invisible programs with the End Process button. Be conscientious and kill someThere are a few things the system relies on that can cause problems, so don’t kill anything you don’t understand that requires research into what it is. To see what happened to it, go to View Selection > Columns and select Image Path and Command Line. In general, be careful when killing in any way with command line starting with and c:windows. Be even more careful before exiting anything that starts with C:WindowsSystem or C:WindowsSystem32.

    Exiting C:Windowsexplorer.exe is certainly safe and may solve problems. For example, hair extensions that generate thumbnails for third-party file types often cause problems, although if you don’t install Trojan extensions that send data back to a malicious server, you won’t have problems with network buffer support. When you exit C:Windowsexplorer.exe, the taskbar disappears along with all file browsers. To get them, go to File > New Task (Run...) and type Explorer inspecified field, then go to OK code> .

    Keep closing programs until your problem is resolved, and the last program that was publicly closed is probably the culprit. Sometimes exiting a program releases network buffers that were rightfully held by some part of the program, which would probably be enough to create several successful network hubs in another program with so few network buffers freed. Therefore, you should check whether the problem is really solved by opening the appropriate number of pages on the Internet or several connections at the same time.

    In my case, deleting fmsib.exe (part of FileMaker Server 13) made me log in again, but nothing more. Killing the fmshelper.exe (also part of the FileMaker 13 bundled server) allowed me to make a lot of extra connections, so I think that was the cause, but it could be in my case as well.

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    2003-Jan-4 14:10

    [XP] No XP cache available

    Windows SP1


    512 MB PC133 RAM

    If I leave my computer on for a long time, a day later I get this error message: Not enough buffer space.

    1. Can’t verify my email address. (MailWasher) – I get an error when I verify that this is my email address.

    2. DO NOT GO TO SITES TO HELP!!! enjoy (IE6 – version used with XP)

    3. Unable to connect to many IRC servers – via web interfaces – I get an error again when I try to connect. If I’m already signed in, SSO will continue until I sign out.

    I want some programs to run all the time:


    Mail washing

    Any IRC software (usually Invision and/or acidmax)

    SetiSPY and then Seti DRIVER use SETI Charge Line

    SampleASUS PC

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  • 1. Download and install the software
  • 2. Open it and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the backup you want to restore from and follow the instructions

  • DU counter

    WINAMP version 3 (sometimes)

    Trillian Pro – confused by all these mistakes.

    C-Media Mixer – software volume control.

    No P2P or anything else.

    no buffer space available in windows xp

    There are various processes going on, if you want to recognize them please reply and I will post the image. HAVE

    I have no idea why I’m getting this error. This never happened before when I had WINME, only XP. I don’t have another form to try something. I’m just releasing this box. The only real way to fix this whole problem is a reboot, which I don’t choose! By the way, this error ONLY happens after a while – doesn’t happen when I upload/download to max with my connection.


    4. Jan 2003 02:10

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    no buffer space available in windows xp

    2003-Jan-4 15:50

    Hey gbcue, it looks like one of the programs has a memory leak that is causing it to use up all its RAM and leave no room for new applications… windows can crash because of this.seem very strange and imperfectly coherent. The next time this happens, try opening the task editor [Ctrl+Alt+Del] and check which process is using a lot of RAM

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