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    I get an error when creating a dg file. I tried vxdg but got deported, just luck.

    error v 5 1 2349

    VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-2349 Device disk_0 seems to own disk group dg1.Vxdg

    vxvm ERROR V-5-1-2349 Disk_1 belongs to disk group dg1.


    dg0 enabled, cd 1383188641.18.rh500


    disk_0 auto :cdsdisk – – online

    disk_1 auto :cdsdisk – – online

    disk_8 auto:cdsdisk – – online

    disk_10 auto:cdsdisk online

    sda auto:none – – – – invalid online

    error v 5 1 2349

    A colleague asked me today about strange conditions when adding new disks to a real disk group in AIX 7.1. He had two new hard drives in two different stores. At first, the CD could simply be added where ever:

    # vxdg -goradg adddisk emc_clariion1_79 But on the second attempt to add an additional disk, he got the following error:

    # vxdg -goradg adddisk emc_clariion0_80
    VxVM vxdg ERROR Diskgroup V-5-1-0 oradg appears to only have standard disks and ends up trying to add cloned disks to the diskgroup. Mixing AT disks and cloned standard disksin a disk group is not allowed. Please take a look at vxdg Man (1m).

    #VxPrint -g oradg
    Ty Name Assoc’s KState’s PLOFTS ‘TUTIL0 PUTIL0 PUTIL0
    DG ORADGA Oradg’ “DM EMC_2CLAION0 EMC_CLARIION0_52 2) 419348128 – Nohotuse –

    dm emc_clariion0_54 emc_clarion0_54, including 838.767.040 –
    dm emc_clarion0_55 emc_clariion0_55 – 040_55 838 767 – 838 767 040 – nohotuse – emc_clarion1_Clarion1_52 emc_clarion1_52 ~ 419 348 128 E-â â â â â â

    emc_clariion1_54 – 838767040 – NOHOTUSE – –
    dm emc_clariion1_55 emc_clariion1_55 – 838767040 – NOHOT –
    dm emc_clariion1_79 emc_clariion1_79 1 . 314496064 – – – – – –
    … emc_clariion1_79 is not fully integrated into the emc_clariion1_80 diskgroup. Then I removed the hard drive:

    # vxdg -g rmdisk oradg emc_clariion1_79And updated some UDIDs for both drives:

    # vxdisk -v updateudid emc_clariion1_79
    # vxdisk -f updateudid emc_clariion0_80
    # vxdisk set emc_clariion1_79 clone=off
    # vxdisk collection emc_clariion0_80 clone=off Once when I tried to add disks to a CD group, everything went fine with emc_clariion1_79, but emc_clariion0_80 gave a different error:

    # vxdg -g oradg adddisk emc_clariion1_79
    # vxdg -g oradg adddisk emc_clariion0_80
    VxVM vxdg ERRORS V-5-1-2349 Device emc_clariion0_80 appears to have chosen to belong to the oradg volume group. Knowing that emc_clariion0_80 is not in the oradg diskgroup, I wanted to remove it anyway:

    # vxdg -g oradg rmdisk emc_clariion0_80
    ERROR VxVM vxdg V-5-1-555 emc_clariion0_80 disk not found only with respect to configuration I had a chance to reset the empty disk:

    # vxdisk -f init emc_clariion0_80Finally, inserting the disk went fine:

    #vxdg -g oradg adddisk emc_clariion0_80
    #vxprint -s oradg
    TY NAME ASSOC KSTATE LENGTH PLOFFS STATE TUTIL0 d PUTIL0 org Oradg’ †††††††œNe < p> dm emc_clariion0_52 emc_clariion0_52 – 419348128 – NOHOTUSE – –

    DM EMC_CLARIION0_54 EMC_CLARIION0_54 – â € 838.767.040 – â € 8387670_55 EMC_Clarion0_55 – 838.767.040 – â € 838.767.040 – «Nohotus-EMC_Clarion0_80 EMC_Clarion0_80 – 314.496.064 – â € œ BR> DM EMC_CLARIION1_52 EMC_CLARIION1_52 – 419 348 128 -” NOHOTUSE –
    DM EMC_CLARIION1_54 EMC_CLARIION1_54 – 838 –
    DM EMC_CLARIION1_55 EMC_CLARIION1_55 – 838767040 – Nohotuse †–
    DM EMC_CLARIION1_79 EMC_CLARIION1_79 – 314496064 – http:///sytec/business / index?page=content&id=TECH204069

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  • 1. Download and install the software
  • 2. Open it and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the backup you want to restore from and follow the instructions

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