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    Eclipse is configured to use the JRE instead of the JDK. If you are using newer versions of Java, you may get an error that tools.jar cannot be found when starting STS/Eclipse. Because this tools.jar is not necessarily in the JRE, you may need to force your new STS/Eclipse to use the JDK since it was built from tools.jar.

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    How do I fix No Java Virtual Machine found?

    Change your eclipse installation. ini file.Add the -vm flag.Point our -vm flag to the JDKbinjava location.Save each file.Run the Eclipse installer again.

    I had this issue with Java 11 and the special JDK auto-add provided on the installed JRE overview page.I found that the problem can be checked in Eclipse 4.14 and 4.16 on Windows.The experts seem to say that the -vm  directive does its job well for triggering an Eclipse build, but the JDK is not significantly added.If you try to access most of the JRE's "Installed" page, you'll see the full JRE error message "Installation location no longer exists. The JRE will still be removed."The problem seems to be EXCLUSIVELY related to my Name folder. If you name someone's folder like "jre" vs "myjdk" then in the first case you check for all errors, in the second case you don't.I checked this issue when our product or service first migrated from Java to Java 8 15. In our case, we combined Oracle JRE 8 with this special -vm option in the 
    eclipse installed jres error
    .ini directory to point to the "jre" folder. in function.I opted for a simple install of Eclipse Java for Developers 4.14 (platform-wise).Modifying the eclipse.ini file or providing alagging -vm through the command line, which becomes eclipsec, has the same effect. "Installed JRE" is not available.Using another solution to mount the "jre" folder directly in your eclipse home root directory is really great.This works by deleting the physical "jre" folder or creating a unique symlink (mklink /D jre ).I've searched for similar issues in a similar tracker but haven't found anything yet.The only bug that may be indistinguishable or somehow related is specific: this a known strain? some sort of naming convention regression?Pretty uneven in my opinion.By the way, the review seems to be critical of Windows/Linux (also tested here during Linux Mint 19.2).It seems to work fine on Mac OS X, possibly (??) also due to the different app (folder) structure.Sincere friendshipMassimo.

    I had a problem with Java 11 and the associated JDK was automatically added to our installed JRE settings page.I found the problem checked in Eclipse 4.14 and 4.16 on Windows.It seems that di The -vm  option works fine to focus on installing Eclipse, but the JDK is not added automatically.When you need to access the JRE "Installed" webpage, the JRE error message is "Installation location no longer exists. JRE will be removed."The problem seems to be EXCLUSIVELY related to the Name folder. If you name the folder like "jre" or "jre". In "myjdk" this is the first case of protection, check the error, in the second case often not.I checked the status when I first worked on migrating our product from java to 8 java 11. To our best, we bundled an Oracle JRE 8 that had -vm information in the 

    Why Eclipse is not opening?

    If you've installed Eclipse but are having trouble starting it, chances are you've specified the JVM incorrectly if you want to start it. Launching Eclipse is enabled using the options in $ECLIPSE_HOME/eclipse. Initial If $ECLIPSE_HOME is not set, this Eclipse.

    .ini to point to the "jre" folder. inside the function.I opted for a simple install of Eclipse Java for Developers 4.14 (same because of our platform).Changing eclipse.ini or perhaps setting the -vm flag for eclipsec with the collection command has the same effect. "Installed JRE" is not available.It is normal to often use another solution to mount this jre folder directly in the root directory of the eclipse installation.Deleting the physical "jre" folder and even making a visible link (mklink /D jre ) works just fine.I tryI tried to find exactly the same issues in the bug tracker, but could not find anything already open.The only annoyance that might be similar or related for some reason is: your issue known? something or a recourse related to the Remedies Agreement?Looks pretty weird in my opinionIncidentally, the issue seems to be exactly the same on Windows/Linux (also tested here on Linux Mint 19.2).On Mac OS X this idea works well, perhaps (??) also due to the use of several different structures (folders).Sincere friendshipMassimo.

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    Do we need JRE to run Eclipse?

    Eclipse is a Java-based application and therefore requires a Java Trusted Runtime Environment or Java Development Kit (JRE or JDK) to run in the store.

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    Where can I find Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Eclipse?

    To run Eclipse, a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or even a Java Development Kit (JDK) must be available. No JVM found after looking at the following locations: C:eclipsejrejavaw.exe javaw.exe in new PATH

    How do I install JRES on Windows?

    Go to Windows > Settings. Find Java > Installed JREs. (Or, unsurprisingly, enter JRE in the field that appears). The JRE version will be displayed on the screen. Click the Add buttons, browse and select a new folder on your computer. Remove the trusted JRE from the list. Window–>Settings–>Java–>Installed JREs–>Add

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