How Do You Deal With Access Violations By Reading 0x0040

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    Here are some simple methods that can help you solve the 0x0040 read access violation issue. Solution: Install AutoCAD 2020 Hottest Update – install updates, add-ons and enhancements. Try changing the default AutoCAD profile all the time, or just change the launch profile: How to start AutoCAD with different profiles. Restoring default values.

    AutoCAD crashes immediately after launch. I’ve reinstalled, tried to restore, changed drivers, disabled antivirus, everything I could think of! None of the other similar suggestions on this message board seem to work.

    I remember all the ideas because I really need them for my work.

    Update anyone who may be affected by this:

    I tried to repair Windows XP but destroyed it with a few stupid moves. It must have been a good thing, or maybe the days of rebuilding, formatting, repairing, the C drive, and rebooting everything… all fixed.

    My coaching is for anyone who is looking for a solution to this precious problem. …….. Backing up and formatting C: is my only solution.

    First I guessl what it was. Robot Bite of Blank’ Thing Searchbot and subsequent removal of problematic items.


    When does the error occur? Sometimes you can use different commands to see what happens just before the error.

    access violation reading 0x0040

    Are there external links? If so, move their filenames around so the file doesn’t find them, as there can sometimes be a bit of a wobbly or circular link.

    If you can open it, copy some check and cleanup frames, copy whatever you want into a new DWG file and see if the error persists. Try

    Even disabling hardware acceleration or toggling the SAFEMODE system variable.

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